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mama nurture
Katie Hamilton, LLLL, CBE, IBCLC

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about the doula

benefits of doula care

decreased medical intervention in labor*

reduced need for cesarean by 50%
reduces length of labor by 25%
reduces use of artificial oxytocin by 40%
reduces pain medication use by 40%
reduces forceps deliveries by 40%
reduces epidural requests by 60%

6 weeks after birth, mothers who had doulas were**

less anxious and depressed
more confident in mothering
more satisfied with their partner
(71% vs. 30%)
more likely to be breastfeeding
(52% vs 29%)

*Nugent, K. (1998, March).A Doula Makes the Difference, Mothering.
**Klaus, M. & Kaus, P. (2012). The Doula Book. Cambridge, MA, Perseus

Katie Hamilton, LLLL, CBE, IBCLC

A doula provides physical, emotional, and informational support to empower women and families on their birth journey, a rite of passage. Every woman deserves to feel safe, nurtured, and empowered in her birth experience. My role is to protect a woman's personal experience of birth and leave her with a positive birth memory. With care and support, comes confidence and trust-in birth, in mothering, and beyond. Fostering that gift, gives me great joy.
      I am a  Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Board Certified Lactation Consultant,  attending hospital birth center, and home births in the South Bay and surrounding L.A area. As a student midwife, I am  pursuing a degree with the  Midwives College of Utah to become a Certified Profession Midwife (CPM). I am currently assisting in home births with my preceptor Mary Lou O'Brien, CNM of Beach Cities Birth Service. I live in Redondo Beach with my husband and girls ages 6 and 8. One born in the hospital and the other at home!
                                                                                         -DONA International Birth Doula Trained  
                                                                                           (BINI Birth/Ana Paula Markel)
                                                                                          -La Leche League Leader
                                                                                         -IBLCE Certified Lactation Consultant
                                                                                          -Early Childhood Educator
                                                                                          -Kushi Institute Macrobiotic Counselor Trained
                                                                                          -Nominated by DASC-Doula of the Year and 
                                                                                          -Most Inspirational Doula of the Year for 2013
                                                                                          -ICEA Childbirth Educator Trained
                                                                                          -Student Midwife (graduating 2018)